Table 2

 Imaging features in various groups

NAHIAccidental traumaMiscellaneous
(n = 49)(n = 3)(n = 11)
Figures in parentheses represent the number of children where the imaging feature was shown only on MRI but not on CT scan.
Age (0–6 mth)3905
Age (6–24 mth)1036
Convexity collection44 (7/25)211
Interhemispheric fissure bleeds38 (3/25)21
PCF bleeds14 (5/25)21
MCF bleeds9 (4/25)2
Focal oedema922
Generalised oedema3
Parenchymal changes12 (5/25)3
Subarachnoid haemorrhage72
Skull fracture11 (SDH away from # site in 10)3 (SDH away from # site in 1)
SDH of apparently different ages26 (6/25)
SDH in multiple sites3221