Table 2

 Clinical manifestations of cystic fibrosis among South Asians and the general population

Clinical manifestationsSouth Asian CF patients (n = 15)General CF patients (n = 309)p value
*Mann-Whitney test.
†Student’s t test.
‡Fischer’s exact test.
Symptoms before diagnosis
    Respiratory, >6 m %33320.9‡
    Gastrointestinal, >6 m %13300.2‡
At diagnosis
    Median age (range)6 m (0–19 y)7 m (0–35 y)0.4*
    Pancreatic sufficiency %27160.14†
    Moderate-severe respiratory symptoms %27330.8‡
    Moderate-severe gastrointestinal symptoms %53580.8‡
    Sweat chloride concentration mmol/l, median (range)95 (47–126)101 (30–166)0.2†
At most recent visit
    Age (years)12.8±10.118.4±10.00.04†
    Height z-score−0.8±0.9−0.4±1.00.10†
    Weight z-score−0.9±1.4−0.6±1.30.3†
    BMI z-score−0.5±1.3−0.5±1.30.9†
    Weight, % of ideal101±2099±140.6†
    FEV1, % predicted64±2467±290.8†
    Pseudomonas aeruginosa, %67610.6‡