Table 3

 Prevalence of risk factors for overweight by nationality among preschool children living in Germany

Risk factorsNationalityp value*
German (n = 1522)Other (n = 452)
*p value from χ2 test (without adjustment for sex).
Doing sports or playing outside
Watching TV on weekdays
    ⩾2 hours/day1308.614331.9<0.0001
Watching TV on weekends
    ⩾2 hours/day28819.021247.2<0.0001
Consumption of sweets
Consumption of savoury snacks
Consumption of soft drinks
Visit to fast-food restaurants
BMI of mother
    <25 kg/m2109075.025762.4<0.0001
    ⩾25–<30 kg/m225117.211527.9
    ⩾30 kg/m21137.8409.7
BMI of father
    <25 kg/m269354.516442.50.0002
    ⩾25–<30 kg/m247937.617344.8
    ⩾30 kg/m21007.94912.7
Education of mother
    <9 years352.39220.8<0.0001
    9 years30920.413330.0
    10–12 years42327.910323.3
    13 years74849.411526.0
Education of father
    <9 years332.36314.8<0.0001
    9 years34323.512128.4
    10–12 years28419.58920.9
    13 years79754.715335.9