Table 2

 Prevalence of overweight in German children and children with other nationality defined by German and international cut-off points for overweight

GenderNationalityGerman reference values*International reference values†
*Cut-off point for overweight: BMI ⩾90th centile.
†Cut-off point for overweight: defined to pass through BMI of 25 kg/m2 at the age of 18.
BoysGerman children5650.96942.6
Children with other nationality3044.83337.9
GirlsGerman children5449.19357.4
Children with other nationality3755.25462.1
BothGerman children1107.216210.6
Children with other nationality6714.88719.3
 Turkish children3121.23826.0
 Children from Southern Europe618.2927.3
 Children from Central Europe00.026.1
 Children from Eastern Europe1111.11515.2
 Children from other countries1913.52316.3