Table 1

 Admission characteristics of the study children

VariablesStudy diet n = 57Control diet n = 59
Values are mean (SD) or numbers, unless specified.
Age (mth)9.0 (2.9)8.4 (3.0)
Duration of diarrhoea before admission (days)20.2 (5.6)20.7 (10.7)
Frequency of stool in previous 24 h before admission10.9 (4.0)10.2 (3.9)
Frequency of vomiting in previous 24 h before admission2.0 (2.1)1.6 (2.0)
Wt for age Z score−1.9 (0.9)−2.0 (1.0)
Breast fed (no.)54/5755/59
Dehydration status (no.), no sign:some35:22/5734:25/59
Stool pathogen (no.)
    Campylobacter jejuni8/5711/59
    Vibrio cholerae0/570/59
    Aeromonas sobria4/576/59
    Aeromonas hydrophila3/572/59
    No bacterial pathogen identified41/5733/59