Table 2

 Details of studies without a comparison group

AuthorPopulationDefinition of FTTDuration of follow upAdequacy of follow up
Population based studies
Hutcheson, 199720130 children who were recruited from primary care clinics to participate in an RCT of home intervention for FTT for 12 monthsAge <25 mth old with weight <5th centile and weight/height <10th centileAt age 4 years74 of 116 children who completed the trial
Wright, 19989229 children identified as FTT by child health surveillance, and enrolled in RCT of health visitor intervention for 7–35 months (120 intervention, 109 non-intervention)Fall of 1.26 SD in weight using the thrive index methodAt age >3 years105/120 for intervention, 97/109 for non-intervention
Clinical sample based studies
Kristiansson, 19872134 babies aged 4–18 months who had been hospitalised with NOFTTRate of wt gain <−2SDAt age 4 years34 of 34 children
Drotar, 19882288 babies aged 1–9 mth hospitalised for FTT of whom 80 consented to participate and were randomly allocated to 3 forms of interventionNormal birth weight decreasing to weight <5th centile
>Weight gain demonstrated in hospital
At age 36 mth59 of the 80 children
Sturm, 198923Same children as above