Table 3

 Studies of late adolescent and adult height of individuals treated with stimulant medication in childhood

Design: cross sectional
Methylphenidate (mg/day)DurationnHeight (cm)Height z-scoreControls
Beck et al, 197229Not stated No statistical analysisNot stated30NSNormal adolescents
Hechtman et al, 19843020–50 No details given of analysis⩾3 years20NSADHD adults never treated
Normal adults
Klein and Mannuzza, 198831452.24 years61 boysNSNormal adolescents
Spencer et al, 1996,21 19982238*4 years follow up25† menNSNormal adults
Uncertain proportion treated with stimulant
Kramer et al, 20003231.23 years97 menNSAdult family members
Normal adults
Oettinger et al, 197733Dexamphetamine 16 mg/day4.5–16.2 years follow up25 menNSNormative data
Design: longitudinal using multiple regression analysis
n, number of subjects; Duration, duration of treatment: average or range; NS, method used but did not show statistically significant evidence of attenuated growth.
*Average dose of methylphenidate or equivalent.
†Subgroup of individuals aged >18 years in a study principally of children.
Loney et al, 1981347% of variability of adolescent height predicted by treatment side effects
Kramer et al, 2000324.4% of variability of adult height predicted by treatment side effects