Table 2

 Univariate analysis for decline in FEV1 over 36 months >9%

ParameterRelative riskp value95% CI for risk ratio
BMI, body mass index; V˙O2, oxygen consumption; V˙E, minute ventilation; ΔPETCO2,[(change in PETCO2 to peak exercise) + (change in PETCO2 from peak to termination of exercise)].
*:ΔPET CO2 ⩾2 mm Hg in CO2R and ΔPET CO2 <2 mm Hg in CO2NR.
Age (years)1.000.780.98 to 1.08
Female1.230.410.37 to 1.78
BMI (kg/m2)0.960.610.43 to 1.14
V˙O2 peak (ml/kg/min)0.780.160.51 to 0.92
E peak (l/min)0.850.280.66 to 0.96
FEV1 at start (%)0.920.180.81 to 1.05
ΔPET CO2*(mm Hg)5.810.00054.20 to 7.18