Table 2

 Correlation coefficients for weights, weight gains, and BMI z scores at age 7

Birth weight(z score)6 week weight(z score)18 month weight (z score)BMI at age 7(z score)Birth to 6 weeks weight change(z score)6 weeks to 18 months weight change(z score)Birth to 18 months weight change(z score)
p values for all coefficients presented are less than 0.001.
Birth weight (z score)1.00
6 week weight (z score)0.541.00
18 month weight (z score)0.320.471.00
BMI at age 7 (z score)
Birth to 6 weeks weight−0.310.630.240.121.00
change (z score)
6 weeks to 18 months weight−0.15−0.410.610.21−0.321.00
change (z score)
Birth to 18 months weight−0.370.090.760.290.450.701.00
change (z score)