Table 3

 Comparison of reported side effects and morbidity experienced in the two groups at follow up

Side effect/morbidityIron supplemented groupPlacebo group
Results expressed as number (%).
*p value <0.001.
†All interval morbidity was upper respiratory infection except for bronchiolitis in one iron supplemented infant at one month follow up.
‡Upper respiratory infection.
First follow up (n = 32)(n = 30)
Vomiting2 (6)0
Black stools*22 [69]0
Current morbidity00
Interval morbidity†6 (19)1 (3)
Second follow up (n = 13)(n = 13)
Black stools*9 [28]0
Current morbidity‡1 (3)0
Interval morbidity†3 (9)2 (7)