Table 1

  Programme details

1AssessmentSpirometry performed, quality of life questionnaire completed, and inhaler technique assessed using placebo and In-Check Dial, with referral for change/modification of therapy if appropriate
2What is asthma?Demonstration of asthma characteristics using models, pictures and a parachute team building game
3What is your inhaler?Explanation and hands on demonstration of types of inhalers, how they work, and when they should be used
4The airwaysBlowing and sucking games using thick and thin straws to demonstrate airway resistance
5What makes your asthma worse?Identification of asthma triggers using model toy kit and accompanying worksheet. Trigger avoidance and prophylactic treatment
6Managing an asthma attackPrevention, recognition and management of an attack by rhyme and role play using tailor made story poster, spacer, and placebo inhaler
7How asthma makes children feelInteractive session to promote positive attitudes, build self esteem, reduce anxieties, and handle put downs using "What I like about me"
8Assessment, prize givingRepeat assessment (as week 1). Prize giving for children and parents/guardians. Presentation of attendance certificates and SCAMP mugs