Table 4

 Predictors of consideration of alternate work situation

AOR*95% CI
*Adjusted for all variables listed in table.
†Indicated by global rating of “quite” or “extremely” satisfying.
‡Indicated by score of ⩾4 on GHQ-12.
% of work week spent in CYP
    26–75%1.570.39 to 6.36
    >75%3.491.15 to 10.67
High overall job satisfaction†0.480.24 to 0.97
Psychological morbidity‡6.770.69 to 65.84
    Nurse0.270.01 to 7.48
    Physician3.340.14 to 77.22
    Psychologist0.110.002 to 5.50
    Social worker0.690.03 to 16.89
    Secretary/research assistant1.210.05 to 29.74
High cynicism on MBI3.191.50 to 6.78