Table 2

 Prevalence of burnout, psychological morbidity, job stress, and job satisfaction among current hospital based CYP professionals

n = 126n (%)
*As measured by the MBI-GS.23
†As indicated by a score ⩾4 on the GHQ-12.24,25,31
‡As measured by the Consultants’ Mental Health Questionnaire.26
§Total may not sum to 126 because of missing data.
Burnout*43 (34.1)
High emotional exhaustion29 (23.0)
    High cynicism27 (21.4)
    Low professional efficacy20 (15.9)
Psychological morbidity†17 (13.5)
Job satisfaction‡§
    Extremely satisfying19 (15.2)
    Quite satisfying67 (53.6)
    Somewhat satisfying30 (24.0)
    Minimally satisfying9 (7.2)
    Not at all satisfying0 (0.0)
Job stress‡
    Extremely stressful2 (1.6)
    Quite stressful31 (24.6)
    Somewhat stressful56 (44.4)
    Minimally stressful32 (25.4)
    Not at all stressful5 (4.0)