Table 1

 Definition of components of the IRS11

IRS componentDefinition
1. ObesityBMI ⩾95th centile for age and sex
2. Abnormal glucose homoeostasisAny of the following:
A. Fasting hyperinsulinaemia
B. Impaired fasting glucose (⩾6.1 mM/l)
C. Impaired glucose tolerance: glucose at 120 min ⩾7.8 mM/l
3. HypertensionSystolic blood pressure ⩾95th centile for age and sex
4. DyslipidaemiaAny of the following:
A. High triglycerides (⩾1.75 mM/l)
B. Low HDL (<0.9 mM/l)
C. High total cholesterol (⩾95th centile)