Table 1

 Summary of placebo versus Gaviscon Infant differences

ParameterDifferencep value*
(Placebo − Gaviscon Infant)
*p values from Wilcoxon signed rank test.
Number of reflux events per hour
    Range−1.20 – 3.80
Number of acid reflux events per hour
    Range−0.55 – 3.94
Number of reflux events in hours 1 or 2
    Range−11 – 19
Average reflux height
    Range−1.40 – 0.17
Average minimum distal pH
    Range−1.00 – 1.23
Average minimum proximal pH
    Range−0.98 – 1.15
Total acid clearance time per hour (s/h)
    Range−19.5 – 239.8
Total reflux duration per hour (s/h)
    Range−38.5 – 111.8