Table 4

 Multiple multivariate models for rehospitalisation with facility terms replaced by centre level predictors

Centre level predictor*Categories†AOR (95% CI) for predictorc statistic for model Reference: 0.636‡
*Other covariates in the model are the same as those in table 3. Indicated centre level predictor has been substituted for the facility term.
†D indicates that this is a dichotomous variable where the absence of the centre level predictor was used as the reference (e.g., the reference for presence of residency programme was not having such a programme). For non-dichotomous variables, table shows incremental changes in the variables (e.g., 50 deliveries per month).
‡c statistic for entire model following substitution of reference is the c statistic for the original model reported in table 3 after indicated centre level predictor has been substituted for the facility term.
Ready availability of home phototherapyD0.61 (0.49 to 0.77)0.618
Paediatrics residency programmeD1.52 (1.23 to 1.87)0.622
Alliance facilityD0.71 (0.55 to 0.92)0.615
Overall facility home visit within 72 hours rate10%1.00 (0.96 to 1.04)0.609
Percent non-white (births)10%0.87 (0.80 to 0.96)0.613
Monthly delivery volume50 births/month0.77 (0.66 to 0.89)0.618
Mean 12 hour SNAP-II score2 SNAP-II points0.86 (0.76 to 0.97)0.609
Facility NICU admission rate2.5 %1.23 (1.08 to 1.39)0.616
Facility brief (<24 hours) NICU admission rate0.4 %1.04 (0.99 to 1.10)0.611