Table 2

‚ÄÉTreatment of metabolic acidosis in normovolaemic newborns

CitationStudy groupStudy type (level of evidence)OutcomeKey resultsComments
*Results did not allow risk reduction and NNT to be calculated.
Dixon et al (1999)Randomised control trial using 10 ml/kg 4.5% albumin (20 babies) versus sodium bicarbonate (16 neonates) with metabolic acidosis without hypotensionRandomised control trial (level 1b)Improvement in pHChange in median pH following bicarbonate (0.10 units) was over twice that in the albumin group (0.04 units)*In normotensive neonates, bicarbonate was more effective than albumin to correct the metabolic acidosis
Belgaumkar et al (1998)10 ml/kg 4.5% albumin infusion in 26 ventilated normotensive neonates with metabolic acidosisRetrospective cohort (level 4)Improvement in pH and base deficitImprovement in pH and base deficit up to 6 hours later (p<0.05), no change in blood pressure*