Table 2

Summary statistics for the Turner and reference samples

Total sample size (n)777489
Total number of measurements96607319
Mean number of measurements per girl12.415.0
Mean height for age SDS (ages 0–10 y)−2.441.13−0.311.05
Mean weight for age SDS (ages 0–10 y)−1.741.28−0.121.05
Mean weight for height SDS (ages 0–10 y)−
Mean BMI for age SDS (ages 0–10 y)−
Height of both father and mother known357203
Height of only one parent known310
Height of both parents unknown417276
Mean father’s height (cm)179.47.50178.47.57
Mean mother’s height (cm)166.46.29166.77.38
Target height (cm)169.75.89170.65.70
Target height SDS0.060.820.010.88
Gestational age (weeks)38.92.0739.71.61
Dysmorphic features (%) (n = 145)
    Cubitus valgus31
    Large inter-nipple distance29
    Low hair implantation21
    Webbed neck19
Karyotype (%) (n = 327)
    46,X,iX or 46,X,idic(X)5
    45,X and 46,XX5
    45,X and (46,X,iX or 46,X,idic(X))12
Median age of diagnosis of TS (years) (n = 46)
    45,X (n = 27)6.94.94
    Other (n = 19)10.44.81