Table 3

 Cox proportional hazards survival model of total deaths according to HIV stage and other covariates in HIV infected children with culture confirmed tuberculosis (n = 34 total deaths)

Rate ratioSignificance*95% CI for rate ratios
*Wald statistic. **Statistically significant.
†Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.6
TST, tuberculin skin test; Severe PEM, marasmus and/or kwashiorkor according to Wellcome classification; Not cured, lack of culture conversion at six months and/or marked radiological improvement of features classified as tuberculosis.
Crude estimates
HIV CDC stage C†2.4160.0880.8776.656
Severe PEM2.6360.046**1.0196.821
TST negative2.3030.0920.8746.068
Age ⩽1 year1.5050.4300.5454.155
Not cured3.7170.010**1.37010.085
Adjusted estimates
HIV CDC stage C†7.8770.014**1.52340.731
Severe PEM3.9440.028**1.151713.444
TST negative1.9230.3010.5576.639
Age ⩽1 year0.6870.6070.1642.878
Not cured11.870<0.001**3.12645.072