Table 2

 Investigation, treatment, and outcome in 274 TB cases in New Zealand children, 1992–2001

*The denominator is 274 unless otherwise stated; †rounding and allowance for multiple ethnicity results in some percentages not equalling 100; ‡defined as resistance to two or more drugs including isoniazid and rifampicin; §these included neurological deficits (5), bronchiectasis (3), limb abnormalities (2), cardiac complications (1), and pelvic scarring likely to result in infertility (1).
Mantoux test
    Median (range) measurement (mm)18 (6–63)
Chest radiograph findings in
pulmonary TB (n = 256)
    Hilar or mediastinal adenopathy18673
    Consolidation or atelectasis15059
    Pleural effusion3815
Culture positive10238
    3 or more agents25392
    6 months or more duration24097
Directly observed therapy (any)10940
Drug resistant strains (any)7/1027
Multi-drug resistant strains‡1/1021
    Long term sequelae§124
    Recurrence of disease6 2