Table 1

 Comparison of risk factors between children who were re-abused and those who were not

FactorNo. of families having factor in group not re-abused (n = 34)No. of families having factor in re-abused group (n = 15)p valueOdds ratioCI for odds ratio
Criminal record830.780.81(0.18 to 3.62)
Domestic violence1470.721.25(0.37 to 4.25)
Financial problems1530.120.32(0.08 to 1.33)
Known to Social Services1280.242.10(0.6 to 7.2)
Mental health970.172.43(0.68 to 8.64)
Parent in care920.320.43(0.08 to 2.28)
Pre-term620.710.72(0.13 to 2.28)
Previous conviction770.073.38(0.91 to 12.5)
Previous injury650.232.33(0.58 to 9.36)
Substance use850.401.63(0.43 to 6.17)
Young parent1160.611.39(0.40 to 4.91)