Table 2

Oxygen saturation during individual arousal states in MPT and SPT

Arousal stateMPTSPTp value
nMean (%)(SD)nMean (%)(SD)
Data are expressed as percentage oxygen saturation.
n, number of positions during which this was the predominant arousal state.
1: Asleep2898.7(1.67)1699.7(0.60)0.009
2: Asleep with NNS4099.1(1.26)3699.0(1.28)0.94
3: Awake and settled4598.7(1.36)2597.6(1.98)0.012
4: Awake with NNS2998.7(1.59)3899.2(1.01)0.12
5: Crying/upset1898.3(2.64)4197.6(3.17)0.38