Table 3

 Factors significantly associated with being on the street versus in the Alalay and Marcelina orphanages in logistic regression models*

VariableOdds ratio95% CIp value
*All of the odds ratios in the table are adjusted for age, and the odds ratios in models I, II, and III also control for the other variables in the model.
Individual variable models controlling for age
Female gender2.80.7 to 10.7p = 0.014
Older age1.3/year1.2 to 1.5p<0.001
More years on street1.4/year1.1 to 1.7p = 0.001
Longer time since last educated1.9/year1.3 to 2.7p = 0.002
Not currently in school22.66.8 to 75.2p<0.001
Method of incomep<0.001
Service (sings, shines, or sells)1.0
 Steals8.91.1 to 73.7p = 0.042
 Begs4.61.2 to 18.6p = 0.031
 Other0.40.1 to 1.6p = 0.20
Reported a health problem4.61.8 to 11.2p<0.001
Paint thinner use8.02.9 to 22.5p<0.001
Longer duration paint thinner use3.6/year1.3 to 10.0p = 0.013
Use of glue adhesive4.31.2 to 15.6p = 0.029
Alcohol use6.81.8 to 25.5p = 0.004
Physical abuse3.01.1 to 8.4p = 0.033
Problems with police16.54.6 to 59.1p<0.001
Multivariate models controlling for age
Model INot currently in school23.64.6 to 121.0p<0.001
Paint thinner use6.81.1 to 41.3p = 0.038
Alcohol use6.91.2 to 41.0p = 0.033
Problems with police7.31.2 to 45.4p = 0.032
Model IIPaint thinner use6.11.3 to 28.2p = 0.020
Alcohol use7.31.3 to 41.5p = 0.024
Physical abuse4.00.9 to 17.7p = 0.073
Problems with police11.02.5 to 48.9p = 0.002
Model IIIOlder age1.2/year1.0 to 1.5p = 0.041
Use of glue adhesive3.70.9 to 15.0p = 0.063
Alcohol use5.61.4 to 22.0p = 0.014
Physical abuse3.01.0 to 9.2p = 0.051