Table 1

 Gentamicin dosing regimen and defined acceptable range for creatinine

RegimenAgeWeight <2.0 kgWeight ⩾2.0 kg
*On the eighth day of life it was recommended that dosage was stepped up where appropriate to the dose indicated for an 8 day old infant using the regime allocated at randomisation.
†All children in the once daily group received an initial dose of 8 mg/kg before continuing with routine dosing adjusted for weight and age.
Once daily†⩽7 days*2 mg/kg (group A.1)4 mg/kg (group B.1)
Once daily†>7 days4 mg/kg (group C.1)6 mg/kg (group D.1)
Multi-dose⩽7 days*2.5 mg/kg bd (group A.2)2.5 mg/kg bd (group B.2)
Multi-dose>7 days2.5 mg/kg bd (group C.2)2.5 mg/kg tds (group D.2)
Upper limit for creatinine μmol/l 23, 24
Age 0–2 days190140
Age 3–7 days120110
Age 8–14 days10090
Age 14+ days9090