Table 2

 Percentage of respondents answering each question, meeting each of 10 key recommendations for paediatric diabetes care6

*Percentage carrying out annual screening in children over age 12 years.
†This analysis was only carried out in 2002 on those 80 clinics whose consultants replied to all of the questions.
Designated children’s diabetes clinic9198
Paediatric diabetes specialist nurse7598
Clinic of more than 40 patients7494
Paediatrician with a special interest in diabetes7888
Glycated haemoglobin at each clinic visit8886
Microalbuminuria screening6683*
Retinopathy screening8780*
Paediatric dietician6568
Joint or combined hand-over clinic to adult services7848
Paediatric diabetes specialist nurse:patient ratio <1:1005339
No. of respondents meeting:†
    8 recommendations5855
    9 recommendations2933
    10 recommendations122