Table 1

Nine reported cases of renal parenchymal malakoplakia in children, including the present case

ReferencesAt presentationKidneys involvedMedical/surgical therapy*Outcome
Age (y)SexE coli culturedGFR impaired
*Medical therapy excludes antibiotic treatment, which they all received.
Trillo and Lorentz39.5F+1NephrectomyFull recovery
Deridder et al43F+1NephrectomyFull recovery
Charney et al511F++2Full recovery
Wigglinkhuizen et al60.5M+++2Dead
0.5M+++2Full recovery
Saleem et al70.15F+++2Prednisolone and azathioprineFull recovery
Honjo et al80.09M+++2MethylprednisoloneFull recovery
Present study3.5F++2End stage renal failure