Table 1

 Summary of literature describing the use of child SPs in assessment

Ref.No. of child SP station (%)No. of child SPsAge (y) of SPsDuplicate cases for switchesParticipantsFormatReliability/validity
SPs, standardised patients; α, Cronbach’s α of reliability; CSA, clinical skill assessment; OSCE, objective structured clinical examination; NA, not addressed.
67 (70)117–16Yes56 residentsCSAα: 0.64–0.81
75 (12)7NAYes102 residentsOSCEα: 0.8–0.83; concurrent/ construct/face validity
93 (15)NANewborn–4NAMedical studentsOSCENA
103 (15)NAInfant–?Yes67 studentsOSCENA
149 (27)NA2–16Yes126 paediatric residentsOSCEα: 0.8–0.86; content/construct/concurrent validity
161 (100)NAAdolescenceNA58 paediatric residentsCSANA