Table 1

Patient characteristics

DiagnosisSexAge at first admissionFunction on first admissionNo. of PICU admissionsDuration of follow upDied during follow up
Muscular dystrophy (32%)
1Becker’s muscular dystrophyM14 y 4 mthNormal23 mthNo
2Congenital myotonic dystrophyF12 y 11 mthMild15 mthNo
3Congenital muscular dystrophy unknown subtypeF1 y 9 mthSevere31 y 4 mthDied 3rd admission
4Congenital muscular dystrophyF1y 5 mthSevere22 mthDied on ward
5Congenital muscular dystrophyM2 y 5 mthModerate1Died 1st admissionDied 1st admission
6Congenital muscular dystrophyM7 y 11 mthModerate11 yNo
7Duchenne’s muscular dystrophyM15 y 8 mthSevere11 y 11 mthNo
8Duchenne’s muscular dystrophyM13 y 11 mthSevere23 y 9 mthDied 2nd admission
9Duchenne’s muscular dystrophyM15 ySevere43 y 5 mthDied at home
Spinal muscular atrophy (18%)
10Spinal muscular atrophy IF4 mthSevere13 mthDied at home
11Spinal muscular atrophy IF8 mthSevere1Died 1st admissionDied 1st admission
12Spinal muscular atrophy IIM6 y 11 mthSevere210 mthNo
13Spinal muscular atrophy IIM3 y 3 mthModerate34 y 2 mthNo
14Spinal muscular atrophy IIF2 y 9 mthSevere52 y 10 mthNo
Myopathy (28%)
15Idiopathic myopathyM1 y 4 mthMild77 y 3 mthNo
16Arthrogryposis/myopathyM4 mthSevere22 y 11 mthNo
17Central core myopathyM16 y 5 mthModerate45 y 6 mthNo
18Central fibre type disproportionM2 y 5 mthMild12 y 10 mthNo
19Idiopathic myopathyM3 mthSevere91 y 3 mthDied on ward
20Non-progressive proximal myopathyF11 y 10 mthMild22 y 11 mthNo
21Pompe’s diseaseM2 yMild13 mthDied at home
22Nemaline rod myopathyM4 y 6 mthNormal110 mthNo
Neuropathy (11%)
23Charcot Marie toothF1 y 5 mthMild11 y 4 mthNo
24Congenital demyelinating peripheral neuropathyF10 y 10 mthModerate210 mthNo
25Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy type IIM16 yModerate1Died on day of dischargeDied at home
Other (11%)
26ARTS syndromeM3 y 2 mthModerate52 y 3 mthNo
27ARTS syndromeM1 y 9 mthMild32 y 3 mthNo
28Friedreich’s ataxiaF15 yMild12 yNo
Total admissions69