Table 1

Coin related inhalation and ingestion injuries, and characteristics of coins involved in inhalation and ingestion injuries, during January–March 2002 in comparison to January–March 1996–2001 in Greece (drachmas before 2002, Euros after 2002) and Denmark (same currency before and after 2002)

Country1996–2001 per year2002RR95% CIp value
Comparison between “prior to 2002” and 2002 for coins involved in inhalation and ingestion incidents through the Wilcoxon test.
Mean values of the totality of the circulating coins are given in square brackets.
Coin related incidents
All coins6.5172.621.39 to 4.740.003
Euro v drachma coins6.5142.151.08 to 4.080.029
Denmark (all coins are krone)6.540.620.16 to 1.710.49
Coin characteristics
    Mean diameter (mm)24.7 [25.0]19.8 [21.6]0.0001
    Mean weight (g)6.9 [7.1]4.4 [5.2]0.007
    Total circulation (million pieces)17801600
    Mean diameter (mm)19.7 [24.9]20.0 [24.9]0.67
    Mean weight (g)4.7 [7.4]4.2 [7.4]0.77
    Total circulation (million pieces)1790~1990