Table 2

 Parent–infant bed-sharing prevalence during night sleep in the 1st and 3rd–4th month of infancy

Local study (North Tees)National study (CESDI)
n/NPrevalence (95% CI*)n/N†Prevalence (95% CI*)
*Using Wilson’s method.
†63 infants were aged 1–4 weeks; 176 infants were aged 12–16 weeks.
Usual practice
Bed-shared in 1st month
    All the time36/25314%8/6313%
    In total120/25347% (41% to 54%)29/6346% (34% to 58%)
Bed-shared in 3rd–4th month
    All the time19/2488%
    In total74/24830% (25% to 36%)
On a particular night
Bed-shared in 1st month
    Part of sleep54/26121%14/6322%
    All of the sleep16/2616%5/638%
    In total70/26127% (22% to 33%)19/6330% (20% to 42%)
Bed-shared in 3rd–4th month
    Part of sleep10/2514%22/17613%
    All of sleep29/25112%13/1767%
    In total39/25116% (12% to 21%)35/17620% (15% to 26%)