Table 6

Odds ratios generated by multiple logistic regression analysis for attenders compared with non-attenders

VariableOdds ratio95% CIp value
Age (y)1.010.94 to 1.090.74
Time since end of treatment (y)0.950.88 to 1.030.20
Employment status
    Full time education or training2.170.89 to 5.380.09
    Other including unemployed0.490.15 to 1.610.24
Socioeconomic status
    Most affluent1.0
    ↓0.520.19 to 1.440.21
    ↓0.730.26 to 2.060.55
    ↓0.600.22 to 1.660.33
    Least affluent0.310.13 to 0.750.009