Table 1

 Demographic characteristics of infants and families in the local and national studies

Local study (North Tees)National study (CESDI)χ2* (n df)p value
Characteristics of the CESDI infants aged up to 1 month (N = 63) and 3–4 months (N = 176) were similar to the group as a whole.
*Using Yates’s corrected value.
†Fisher’s exact test.
‡Including child in the study.
§Based on the Registrar General’s Occupational Coding using highest parental classification (I = professional to U = unemployed).
Infant factors
Sex (boys)134/259(51.7)571/1095(52.1)0.00 (1df)0.96
Multiple birth3/259(1.2)7/1095(0.6)0.41†
Birth weight <2.5 kg5/259(1.9)55/1087(5.1)4.10 (1df)0.04
Gestation <37 weeks10/233(4.3)59/1083(5.4)0.31 (1df)0.58
Attempted to breast feed150/249(60.2)651/1095(59.5)0.02 (1df)0.87
Family factors
    Age <21 years32/259(12.4)111/1095(10.1)0.97 (1df)0.33
    Marital status (single)13/253(5.1)57/1095(5.2)0.01 (1df)0.91
    Ethnicity (non-white)6/259(2.3)70/1095(6.4)5.82 (1df)0.02
Parity >3‡14/259(5.4)81/1095(7.4)0.99 (1df)0.32
No waged income30/246(12.2)208/1094(19.0)5.93 (1df)0.02
Socioeconomic status§
    I/II79/240(32.9)351/1093(32.1)5.32 (2df)0.07