Table 6

Clinical features of children attending with seizure before and after guideline implementation

Clinical featuresPre GI (n = 100)Post GI (n = 100)p value
CRP, C-reactive protein; EEG, electroencephalogram; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; PCR, polymerase chain reaction.
P value as measured by Chi-square or Fishers exact test if expected counts in cells were less than 5.
Recording of history findings
Drowsy before seizure771
Pretreatment with antibiotics780.8
Previous seizure46410.5
On anticonvulsant medication1560.1
Recording of examination findings
Seizing on arrival1430.006
Seizure and fever56660.2
    Of which documented focus15 (27%)32 (48%)0.003
Drowsy >1 hour after seizure740.3
Blood pressure recorded24220.7
Recording of complex seizures
>1 seizure in 24 hours16100.2
Focal seizure930.07
Prolonged seizure23100.008
Investigations performed
Blood glucose (finger prick)63610.8
Full blood count26200.3
Blood culture19140.3
Urine for culture43510.3
CRP or ESR790.6
Stool culture360.3
Chest x ray620.1
Lumbar puncture231
EEG ordered following the attendance260.1
Throat swab341
Anticonvulsant level300.1
Immediate management
Numbers given diazepam1490.3
    Of which diazepam given before hospital attendance4/14 (29%)6/9 (67%)0.1