Table 2

 Patient demographic and descriptive statistics

Number of gastroenteritis admissions1295496799
Number of patients1001317684
Number of patients hospitalised once782195587
Number of patients with readmissions21912297
Average number of admissions1.291.571.17
Maximum number of admissions665
Readmission rate0.0550.1060.031
Readmission proportion0.2190.3850.142
Mean time to first readmission in weeks (SD)46.1 (56.5)33.0 (44.1)62.4 (65.6)
Mean LOS in days (SD)3.04 (4.40)4.78 (5.68)2.24 (3.37)
Mean readmission LOS in days (SD)3.82 (5.41)4.98 (6.82)2.37 (1.98)
Proportion of patients (%)
    Non-metropolitan residence49.178.235.5
    Low birth weight (<2.5 kg)12.516.410.7
    Premature birth (gestational age <37 weeks)22.424.821.4
Proportion of admissions (%)
    Emergency admission91.394.089.5
    Gastrointestinal sugar intolerance6.79.55.0
    Iron deficiency anaemia3.47.50.9
    Failure to thrive and anaemia9.718.34.3
    Infection (genitourinary/scabies/otitis media)13.424.06.9