Table 1

Cardiac characteristics and outcomes of 17 children with enterovirus rhombencephalitis associated heart failure

No.SexAge (mth)VirologyMax HRMax SBPCKCKMB/CKElectrocardiographyCXR C/T ratioPOEchocardiographyOutcome
QTc (ms)Initial EF (%)F-U EF (%)Valvular regurgitation
AR, aortic regurgitation; AV, atrioventricular; CK, creatine kinase; CKMB, muscle-brain fraction of creatine kinase; C/T, cardiothoracic; CXR, chest x ray; EF, ejection fraction of the left ventricle; EV, enterovirus; EV71, enterovirus 71; F, female; HR, heart rate; M, male; Max, maximum; Min, minimum; MR, mitral regurgitation; N, no; NA, not available; PO, pulmonary oedema; QTc, corrected QT interval; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SSS, sick sinus syndrome; TR, tricuspid regurgitation; VT, ventricular tachycardia; Y, yes.
*Pathological study of the heart.
1M6EV2161221031.94000.53N46MR (2+)Death*
2M12EV2501164069.13780.39Y35MR (2+)Death
3M17EV2071162511.6454ST depression, T inversion0.50Y5620MR (2+), TR (1+)Death
4F51EV19012032112.1446ST depression0.42Y2517MR (2+), TR (1+)Death
5F7EV2101051157.64810.54Y30MR (2+), AR (1+)Death
6F8EV155904438.45061st AV block, SSS, ST depression, T inversion0.53Y58MR (1+), TR (3+)Death*
7F57EV7118011945419.4NANAYNA18MR (2+), TR (1+)Death
8M23EV160105313020.9499T inversion0.56Y50MR (2+), TR (3+)Death*
9F28EV712401654725.54160.55Y2726MR (2+), TR (2+)Death
10F14EV2501394119.5443VT0.45Y37MR (2+), TR (3+)Death
11M20EV711901307219.44300.49Y2727MR (2+), TR (1+)Survival*
12F16EV712351565106.74010.49Y3918MR (2+), TR (1+)Survival
13M10EV7124311211137.84490.52Y2416MR (1+), TR (2+)Death*
14F5EV7119811936925.23410.53Y37MR (1+), TR (1+)Survival
15M4EV712197136910.63920.46Y4028MR (2+), AR (1+)Death*
16M9EV7118017513422.4437ST depression0.51N4634MR (2+), TR (1+)Survival
17M18EV7119713613219.73560.49Y22MR (2+), TR (1+)Death*