Table 2

Number of children with and without a congenital heart defect and age at diagnosis, in children born in 1991–95 and 1996–2000 in the Western Götaland Region, Sweden

Year of birthChildren with a heart defectChildren without a heart defect
N (%)Median age at diagnosis Years (range)N (%)Median age at diagnosis N (range)
*The proportion of children without a heart defect was significantly higher during the period 1991–95 compared with 1996–2000 (p<0.024, Fisher’s exact two-tailed test).
†Children with a heart defect were diagnosed significantly earlier than those without a heart defect (p<0.006, sign test).
1991–958 (44)3.9 (0.01–6.4)10 (56)6.7 (4.1–10.6)*
1996–20006 (100)0.2 (0.01–4.8)0
1991–200014 (58)0.6 (0.01–6.4)†10 (40)6.9 (4.1–10.6)†