Table 1

Characteristics of 11 children with concurrent true bacteraemia and RSV infection

Age (mth)Relevant prior medical historyHospital acquired RSV?Blood culture organismPICUVentilatory supportConsolidationOther radiology
RUL, right upper lobe; LLL, left lower lobe.
Bronch, radiological appearance of bronchiolitis without focal consolidation.
1NilNo S aureus YesNoRULBronchiolitis
1Preterm–30 weeks gestationYes S pneumoniae YesYesRULPneumatocoels
1NilNo S pneumoniae NoNoNoBronchiolitis
2NilNo S pneumoniae NoNoNoBronchiolitis
3NilNo S aureus YesYesNoBronchiolitis
4NilNo S pneumoniae NoNoLLLPleural effusion
4Congenital aspleniaPossible S pneumoniae YesNoNoBronchiolitis
4Cyanotic heart diseaseYes S pneumoniae YesYesNoBronchiolitis
8NilPossible S pneumoniae NoNoLLLBronchiolitis
22Cyanotic heart diseaseYes S pneumoniae YesYesNoBronchiolitis
24Leukaemia, neutropeniaPossible S pneumoniae NoNoNoBronchiolitis