Table 1

 Hindu sacraments (Samskaras) relevant to children

NameProcedureTime when carried out
Grabadhana Sacrament of impregnationBefore pregnancy
Punsavana Second/third month of pregnancySecond/third month of pregnancy
Simantonnayana Fifth to eighth month of pregnancyFifth to eighth month of pregnancy
Jatakarma At birthAt birth
Namakarana Naming the baby10–12 days after birth
Nisramana First outing of the childThird/fourth month
Annaprassana Weaning of the childSixth month
Chuda Karma Cutting of hairOccasionally at birth
Usually between first and third year
Karnavedha Piercing of earsThird to fifth year
Upanayana Investiture of sacred threadFrom eighth year, denoting the beginning of manhood