Table 2

Publications per outcome category by 5 year period

Summary outcome1980–841985–891990–941995–99Total
*This category refers to days in a state or days absent from a state, time to achieve an outcome, or time to recover.
Cases of disease/condition/abnormality32426353109422364044042
Cases of death (all causes)111423193915611013413
Cases of cures/improvements/healing131765291155910310
Changes in physiologic measure341082610539929
Cases of complications/adverse events45761976010909
Life years gained451173346464
QALYs, or similar unit232283214333
Time outcome*002242254313
Changes in behavioural/social341183173293
Cases of vaccination11223181141
Health service/process outcome23223161131
Cases of injury0000425191
Changes in quality of life1100004150