Table 1

Training needs for each level of child health practitioner

Training levelTraining needsSummative assessment
UndergraduateAn understanding of child health in the community, child development, the care pyramid, managing common conditions, both in primary and secondary careMB
SHOConsolidating knowledge of child health, managing common conditions, and exposure to rare conditions under supervisionDCH
MRCPCH (Part 1)
GP registrar/career paediatric SHOConsolidating above, managing rare and long term conditions under supervision, understanding the referral process, understanding preventive services for children, understanding the role of specialist nurses and AHPsDCH
Specialist registrarConsolidating above, taking increasing responsibility for seeing unselected referrals and managing complex conditions, understanding how to manage servicesCCST
GPwSIConsolidating knowledge of paediatrics in primary care, understanding the interface between primary and secondary, taking a strategic role in children’s services within the PCT, perhaps contributing to non-acute paediatric services in hospital and/or community settingsDCH
Consultant in the early yearsConsolidating clinical knowledge, practising independently but with a senior colleague as mentor, taking increasing responsibility for managing services, strategic role in area of special interestMSc
Management qualification
Teaching qualification
Established consultantConsolidating knowledge and expertise in management, clinical manager role, training role, external roles in college or wider NHS