Table 2

Correlational studies

Title and authorPopulationMethod of data collectionConclusions
Sosin D. Surface specific fall injury rates on Utah school playgrounds. 19939157 Utah elementary schools, kindergarten to grade 6.School injury reports.Asphalt surfaces associated with increased risk of total injury.
Enrolment data.
Equipment data from playground inspection.
Mott A et al. Safety of surfaces and equipment for children in playgrounds. 199710A&E attendance for playground injury. 0–14 years. Full details 301.A&E codes.Significant increase (p<0.001) in total injuries on concrete relative to bark or rubber. Surface, equipment and height influence injury rates.
Park staff recorded playground equipment use. Detailed survey of equipment.
Laforest et al. Surface characteristics, equipment height, and the occurrence and severity of playground injuries. 200111185 injuries on inspected playgrounds.Presentations to A&E in Montreal. Measurements of height and energy absorption of surface.The risk of injury was three times greater than for g level lower than 150. Injuries were 2.56 times more likely to occur on equipment higher than 2 m compared with equipment lower than 1.5 m.