Table 1

Laboratory findings in the child

ParameterFirst admissionSecond admissionNormal values
Admission28 hours72 hoursAdmission28 hours72 hours
*Urine net charge  =  urinary sodium + urinary potassium − urinary chloride. Positive, RTA; negative, extra-renal loss/acid load.
†Urinary pH in the presence of metabolic acidosis: <5.5, proximal RTA/acid load; >5.5, distal RTA.
Bicarbonate (mmol/l)4.815.2219.618.322.322–24
Base excess (mmol/l)−25.3−7.2−4−15−5.3−1.2±2
Sodium (mEq/l)152145143133138134135–145
Potassium (mEq/l)–4.5
Chloride (mEq/l)1411109795–100
Anion gap (mEq/l)–17.69.713.710±2
Urine chloride (mEq/l)156110106
Urea (mg/dl)162602312055147–18
Creatinine (mg/dl)–0.4
Urine net charge*−20−18−11
Urine pH†