Table 1

Survival of congenital anomalies among cases who died from birth to 5 years of age (ranked in order of median survival time)

Congenital anomaliesNumber of live births followedNumber of deaths between birth and age 5Median survival time for those who died (days)95% CI for median survival (days)
*There must be at least six observations for calculation of confidence interval for median.
Cleft lip with/without palate2785155*
Eye anomalies864151*
Metabolic defects35225704 to 293
Anomalies of limb105112433 to 253
Nervous system anomalies (excluding neural tube defects)211513111 to 174
Neural tube defects1444031 to 27
Congenital heart disease10692552214 to 30
Digestive system anomalies99734186 to 99
Integument anomalies10649*
Chromosomal anomalies (excluding Down’s syndrome)1025364 to 34
Down’s syndrome2103310072 to 205
Other anomalies3435521 to 18
Urogenital tract and kidney anomalies6186910.5 to 1
Musculoskeletal and connective tissue anomalies4627811 to 7
Respiratory system anomalies852210.5 to 36
Ear anomalies390*
Total congenital anomalies6153740118 to 14