Table 3

Incidence of hypoglycaemia

Intervention group (n=111)Control group (n=111)
Endpoint1999200019992000Difference unadjusted for baseline % (95% CI)p value
Severe hypoglycaemia, n (%)38 (42)22 (27)31 (34)33 (37)10 (−4 to 24)NS
Difference before–after, % (95% CI)−15 (1 to 29)+3 (−11 to 17)
p value0.0394
Median25–75th centileMedian25–75th centileDifference (mm)p value
VAS, visual analogue scale. Exact questions used:
*Getting this video/brochure was of: no use at all = 0 mm, greatest possible help = 100 mm.
†Did you learn anything that is useful for the treatment: nothing at all = 0 mm, a lot = 100 mm.
Usefulness of getting video*, VAS (mm)5323–724825–66NS
Usefulness of getting brochure*, VAS (mm)5636–734623–59100.0283
Learning from video†, VAS (mm)4822–68269–51220.0075
Learning from brochure†, VAS (mm)4618–67279–50190.0049