Table A2

Bone scintigram protocol

Radiopharmaceutical99m technetium medronate
DoseWeight adjusted percentage of the adult dose
(adult dose: 20 mCi/800 MBq)
Patient preparationNil prior to injection. After injection the patient should be well hydrated. Sedation may be required for delated images. Bladder needs to be emptied prior to delayed images.
TechniqueBlood pool images, delayed images, and tomography if required.
    Blood poolPosterior and anterior whole body passes.
    DelayedThree hours post-injection—posterior and anterior whole body passes, plus anterior and posterior oblique views of ribs, lateral skull views, anterior lower legs (toes turned inwards to separate tibia and fibula), anterior and posterior “spot” views of torso, views of forearms (separating radius and ulna).