Table 2

Example of question and answer from the intervention brochure

Can you get serious insulin reactions from exercise?Occasional hard exercise or a great deal of exercise without eating extra energy/food and without decreasing your dose of insulin a little can give you a lower blood sugar during the time you are exercising, and many hours after that. You can get a severe insulin reaction a long time after hard exercise, and even during the night or the morning after!Extra energy is usually needed both before/during exercise as well as afterwards. The night-time insulin dose often needs to be temporarily decreased a little after activities like long walks, a disco, sports day, or a football match. With greatly increased exercise you always have to pay extra attention to your blood sugar and insulin doses.
This also applies to winter sports holidays/skiing holidays, when sports training gets underway, and especially when spring comes and you are out and more active in the evenings. Then it's especially important to do 24-hour profiles and adjust your insulin. One or more doses might need to be decreased during the spring and early summer.
A new adjustment period comes at the end of the summer and this requires extra attention. Sometimes certain doses need to be increased.