Table 1

 Patterns of coagulation results; possible diagnoses

Test resultsPossible diagnosis
*von Willebrand disease subtype 2B is associated with reduced platelets; aPTT is not always prolonged.
Prolonged aPTTvon Willebrand disease*
PT/fibrinogen/platelets normalFactor VIII deficiency
Factor IX deficiency
Factor XI deficiency
Prolonged PTWarfarin ingestion
aPTT/fibrinogen/plateletsEarly vitamin K deficiency
normalEarly liver dysfunction
Factor VII deficiency
Prolonged PT and aPTTOver warfarinisation
Fibrinogen/platelets normalSevere vitamin K deficiency
Over heparinisation
Factor X, factor V, or prothrombin deficiency
Acquired inhibitors
Prolonged PT and aPTTSevere liver dysfunction
Decreased fibrinogen Normal or low plateletsDysfibrinogenaemia/afibrinogenaemia
Disseminated intravascular coagulation (including meningococcal sepsis)