Table 3

Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals for the association between symptom control and possible explanatory factors (multiple logistic regression)

OR95% CIp value
Girls versus boys1.860.76 to 4.530.17
Perennial allergic rhinitis0.510.21 to 1.280.16
Seasonal allergic rhinitis0.350.10 to 1.220.10
Father's history of asthma0.330.10 to 1.180.09
Gas cooker1.690.29 to 9.780.56
Wall to wall carpets0.710.29 to 1.750.45
Passive smoking
    Smoker within the home0.340.13 to 0.910.03
    Understands how medication works3.381.18 to 9.640.03
    Takes the prescribed doses4.821.87 to 12.400.002
    Adequate technique for use of inhalers1.590.67 to 3.810.29