Table 2

 Clinical features and details of the four nephrolithiasis cases

NoSexAgeInfection typeCf dose and routeTx duration (days)Nephrolithiasis locationTime to disappearance post-Tx
Cf, Ceftriaxone; im, intramuscular; iv, intravenous; LK, left kidney; RK, right kidney; Tx, treatment.
1F2.5 yearsPyelonephritis (E. coli)50 mg/kg/day im7RK, upper pole3 weeks
2M7 monthsPneumonia100 mg/kg/day iv7RK, lower calyxStill present at 7 months
3F7 monthsCervical lymphadenitis50 mg/kg/day im5LK, lower pole4 weeks
4F8 monthsPneumonia100 mg/kg/day iv7LK, lower pole3 weeks