Table 1

Characteristics of the study population (n=167)

AR, allergic rhinitis.
Age >10 years35.3
Father's occupation
    Manual labourer20.3
Sensitised to mites79.3
Sensitised to cats or dogs33.3
Sensitised to pollen54.1
Sensitised to moulds20.8
Perennial asthma (with or without seasonal exacerbations)59.9
Perennial allergic rhinitis (with or without seasonal AR)51.2
Seasonal allergic rhinitis (with or without perennial AR)19.3
Atopic dermatitis34.3
Family history of asthma
Gas used for cooking89.0
Moulds on walls within the home16.3
Dog within the home34.1
Cat within the home17.1
Wall to wall carpets58.4
Woollen mattress13.1
Allergy proof mattress cover6.0
Passive smoking
    At least one smoker within the home35.8
    Mother smoking within the home21.2
    Understands how medication works67.1
    Does not forget to take the drugs34.1
    Takes the prescribed doses52.1
    Adequate technique for use of inhalers48.5